Monday, December 16, 2019

When Relationship Turn to Betting Games! Part 1

Slowly, slowly, some relationships are no longer a thing of choice for some. It is just a matter of anything that goes. She wants me, she wants me not... he wants me, he wants me. Sometimes, we offend the other and then we think of what to expect. Would he lash out at me and maybe today he is going to be different. Maybe his boss wouldn't make him feel bad. When relationships turn to the stage where you are not sure he or she wants you or not, it has just turned to a betting game. And most times betting games lose. Winning is not meant to be in your favour but the person who puts the game up in the first place. So what do we do about it? Obviously, if you have reached the stage of games, it means the other person may not want you in their lives again. That's one point. Next is to find out where you stand, or make the person realize the stage he or she is putting you in. Next post we would continue on what else to try.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Relationship Mistakes People Make

On today’s episode: Matthew Hussey, a relationship expert on the new NBC show ‘Ready for Love.’ He’s got a new book out called, “Get the Guy,” but he joined Ali to talk about the biggest mistakes people make after they’ve gotten the guy (or girl), and are trying to have an actual relationship. The first one, Matthew said--in his charming British accent--is competitiveness. “The key to any relationship is the extent to which you see each other as a team.” Couples who compete with each other won’t stay couples for long. Ali insisted that an exception should be made for tennis. Next on the list is laziness, when people get too comfortable and stop doing the things that attracted their partner in the first place. Another big relationship destroyer is overanalysis. “A guy will say something and a woman will go back to her friends and say, ‘what did he mean by that?’” Matthew says that men tend to be less detail oriented than women, and therefore women can drive themselves crazy by not simply taking a comment at face value. Other things again seem to be... "That's not how your sister does it" Lack of maturity, humility, integrity, people pleasing and loss of trust never being satisfied. Always thinking the grass is greener on the other side And while writing this, I discovered a painful thing...most people giving advice on relationships mostly on TV are single...check it...what does this trend mean...Oprah Winfrey style or what.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Starting All over Again

Many have had this painful thing happening. The fact that after breaking up, how do they start again after all that has happened? Its easy for some...apologize, kneel (of course you would have to buy flowers or something or more just to show you are sorry about the past). Some it has been a simple kiss. But the fact not ever think things will be the same as it always was. Because if you do, you would get disappointed. I have, on many occasions. The only thing is that you can make it better than what it was before. Nothing like before remember. And be positive...its the only thing that keeps people including me myself when things starts to turn sour a little after starting the relationship over again. I imagine relationship stops at Girls or Boys, remember there is that lost brother, father, mother, sister, child or just would never be the same. Same like o'times they say...face reality, I say.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Ego of a Man

Listen lady, have you ever been raped before? think of it. Now if you harass and demean a man's ego is just like doing that to him and men can react differently to such. A man may beat you up to let you know you hurt his ego, another may leave your house, another may never talk to you...the key idea is managing the Ego of a man. If you can do it, the world of the men is yours, to begin with right from time, women could do it just that these days humility has been replaced and somethings else. Ego of men differ so be careful, food is good for many but for some, a single touch on his head and...kabol. Whatever, I wish we will study this ego thing one day, but till then be careful my MUCHACHA

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Is it lost love?

Yeah, I just remembered I had a friend who just stopped calling me and made me feel good only when I called. Of course she is male sorry female. So I want to go a little step ahead by visiting her even though we stay like 985km apart. Then I got beaten up and lost my phone. I got my number back, but she was the type that hardly ever called so I don't even know her number by heart and imagine if she will ever call. I have tried many ways to get her number back to no avail. I did like but the fact that someone that calls you almost everyday or beeps your phone reduces to almost a minimum and then...Don't it mean I should let go, like most things I do sometimes or I should continue to search for her when right now there is someone that is showing a lot of interest in me a man!? I don't know but say this to Rose when you see her, is it lost love you will come after? don't worry...somewhere, somehow, if i don't wait then someone would be waiting...But seriously it our love lost

What are all men and women after?

It's being long since i came here but of course I have been practicalizing love and tenets...Yes, the last two months became so hot that I had to ask my self, what did I want whether from the relationship I was pretending to have or from Life itself. With the death of my Uncle Mr.Charles Ayede it became more paramount. Why did I want to have a relationship with a woman and why them too? Intensive work and research told got me some funny answers. Some say sex, love, companionship, just for the fun of it and the most craziest I heard some just because everyone is doing it or they just dont know. Whatever it is, I take companionship and ...whatever don't ask the second one. So I write this to my new friend who was my enemy before - Juliana, I just love being around you and hope whatever it is, you would be my friend for a long time to come even if we don't understand reasons for ...

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The New Resolution

Yes, I have my new resolution not to keep resolutions...kiddin but thats what many people do in a relationship. they forget that as the new year begins, its bye bye to bad habits. Those things that the ladies or the guys hate...and which point you must reach or compromise with your friend or let it end...I think. Anyway everybody has been living with him or herself without giving themselves up so please give another chance to your fellow guy. Its a new year, a new time, and a new position. See you in the months ahead